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Nov 4, 2013 5:30am PST
adjourned. telling the court, "i am the president of the republic," morsi refused to don the customary white prison suit. he then succeeded in disrupting proceedings further by singing in court. leading the judge to push back the trial to january. >> sorry about that, we seem to be having technical difficulties. our correspondent catherine stably is at the courthouse in cairo. she gives us more details on what happened there this morning. mohamed morsi has refused to recognize the judge at the trial. he says it does not have any legitimacy. he has been taken away by helicopter. we saw him fly overhead and he is being taking to a prison on the outscored to bash on the outskirts of cairo. no one knew where he was being held. this is where the senior muslim brotherhood leaders are being detained. this a chaotic scene morning. mohamed morsi told a judge, "you don't have the right to judge me, i am still your president." he also said the judiciary should not provide cover for the coup d'État. media, heto state said he had been dragged to the court by force and called on the judges to allow
Nov 10, 2013 4:00pm PST
now. >> you're in the cnn newsroom, i'm martin savidge, i'm don lemon. thank you for joining us. don is far away on special assignment, as you may have just seen. las vegas. we'll be back in touch. >>> we have to start overseaes with that desperate national emergency now facing the people of the philippines. nationwide recovery effort just beginning after a tremendous pounding by a monstrous typhoon. this was the storm when it was tearing buildings to pieces and sending millions of people to any shelter they could find. a staggering number of people didn't make it. international red cross says the death toll may soar past 10,000, in all casualty figures finally in. >> in nearly every populated area, people finding clean drinking water and food, hospitals are overrun. and veteran emergency officials tell cnn that this is by far the worse devastation in the philippines that they've ever seen. >> paula hancocks is in an airport a few hundred miles south of manila. it took the full force of this enormous typhoon. tell us what the area looks like today and where do people even start to be
Nov 24, 2013 9:00pm PST
appreciation of the vibrant cultural of filipinos and it's neighborhood. at this time i want don to join me as we honor you in the cultural center in san francisco. (clapping) i want to have all the board members come up, please. >> thank you, very much and i'm honored. the board and the people have been working on the cultural center are thrilled to be at this point. in 2003 there was a town hall meeting at december i didn't carmichael we talked about how to improve the community south of market and one of the points that came out of the discussion was to institute listed the contribution of the filipino community in san francisco and the bay area. and so 10 years ago we are started out at the it was supposed to be on top of bloomingdales. that didn't happen and we had another opportunity to be right next to the metro ran that also didn't happen. for various reasons. we're not at 8 fourteen mission kit corner from the metro iron right between denny's and sam's liquor store. yeah, that's how we felt when they gave it to us. (laughter) >> but one of the strengths we have is to do a lot wi
Nov 11, 2013 2:30pm EST
lleguen a la altura. >> don erick nos platico que kate es una mujer que que rrequ alto mantenimiento. >> se distinguo paror llevar u v vida econoÓmica bien, le gusta o mejor. >> por eso necestia una persona que gane mÁs que ella. >> en vistea de que le gustan ls hombres de billetera gorda qui i quisimos saber si fue la razÓn d de su fracaso con aaron dÍas. >> se veÍan muy poco. >> se precipitaron el casarse, n no era lo adecuado para ambos pero se tienen un cariÑo muy e t entreÑaaÑable. >> finalmente dieÉron una list d de los requisitos que quiere su hija. >> un hombre mayor. >> que la apaapache. >> serio, formal. >> que la entienda . >> ojalÁ sin hijos. >> que diifiÍcil. >> que estas haciendo jorge. >> un hombre con plata, que no tenga hijos , kate te quedaras s soltera un ratiro. >> ute voy a decir algo , que s pasarepa pares tan comunucativos y sus a pp papas hablando a diestas y si e sinietas de lo uq uieren para su hijos. >> el padre de adamaris lopÓp o nos dan noticias por doquier , m m mujeres independientes haoraa n tener esa maravillas para un hombre . >> me sorp
Nov 8, 2013 6:30am EST
espera, tengo algo que es tuyo. [♪] >>bueno, voy al gimnasio. deberÍas de ir a ver a don marcelino. >>¿por quÉ? >>anoche no se daba abasto con la gente. se la pasÓ diciendo que se arrepentÍa de haberte despedido. deberÍas de darte una vuelta aunque sea a saludarlo, ¿eh? >>sÍ, gracias. >>no, gracias a ti. >>bye. [carraspea] [♪] [♪] [piensa] >>¡quÉ rara sensaciÓn! ¿por quÉ me dolerÁ asÍ el corazÓn, virgencita? [♪] >>yo te he visto en algÚn lugar. ¡ah, claro! ya sÉ quien eres. >>¡a mÍ no me puedes reclamar nada, tÚ y yo terminamos! >>a mÍ no me tienes que dar explicaciones, yo no soy nada tuyo. >>oye, ¿tÚ crees que le diga algo a mi novio? >>con las broncas que tiene. marcelino la corriÓ. ademÁs, ella no es de las que anda corriendo chismes. esa se queda callada, y si no, la callo yo personalmente. >>entonces, ¿nos vamos a acapulco el fin de semana? [♪] >>¡quÉ descaro! no es posible que esa mujer estÉ engaÑando asÍ a rodrigo. no cabe duda que ella y daniel son tal para cual. ¡ay, virgencita! yo sÉ que no debo meterme donde no me llaman, y si l
Nov 6, 2013 12:00pm EST
experts working to finish the repairs. >> good afternoon, i'm don scott. and i'm jessica kartalija. >>> the second grilling today the point person for the obama care website is back on capitol hill, facing questions about the fixes it still needs while the president heads to dallas to do some damage control. it's danielle nottingham reporting. >> reporter: kathleen sebelius is facing another congressional grilling, answering more questions about >> this is unacceptable. it has been disappointing to hear members of the administration say they didn't see the problems coming. >> reporter: today she focused on improvements. technicians are making progress every day. >> in the first few weeks, users had to wait an average of eight seconds for pages to load. today it typically takes less than a second. republicans argue that the problems go deeper. one of the biggest issue is the security of private information consumers have to enter on the website. >> not only can millions of americans not log in successfully, but those who have succeeded can now find themselves at the
Nov 14, 2013 6:30am EST
. [♪] >>hola, dÑa. lupe. ¿cÓmo le va? >>bien, don braulio, ¿y a usted? >>muy bien, muchas gracias. oiga, cuÉnteme. ¿cÓmo van las clases de cocina con mi leti? >>¿clases de cocina? no sÉ de que me habla, ¿eh? yo a leticia solamente la veo cuando le entrego la ropa de la planchada. >>¿la ropa de la planchada? >>sÍ. >>a ver... ¿leti le estÁ ayudando a planchar? >>sÍ. pues ella me dice que es para sus clases de baile. ya, y si viera quÉ bien baila la muchacha. [♪] >>¿dÓnde estÁ tu hermana? >>con dÑa. lupe. se fue hace unos minutos. >>no mientas. acabo de hablar con ella y me dijo que jamÁs ha ido a una clase de cocina con ella. >>entonces no sÉ dÓnde estÉ. >>eres un alcahuete. le estÁs protegiendo las espaldas. pero nada mÁs deja que hable con tu hermana y tÚ vas a recibir tu buen castigo. [♪] y te cambias inmediatamente. no solamente me desobedeciste con lo del ballet, sino que seguiste viendo a ese babas. >>papÁ, por favor, yo puedo explicarle. >>¿quÉ me vas a explicar, que te comportas como una cualquiera? vamos a la casa. >>oiga, seÑor. >>¡tÚ, no t
Nov 23, 2013 5:00am PST
don francisco, y no se pierda el veredicto que po ♪ ♪ la verdad, parece tu bastÓn ♪ ♪ cada vez que te veo con ella >> ahÍ en uno de los momentos memorables en los latin grammy cuando paquita la del barrio canta uno de los temas memorables cuando los mayores se dedican a las jovencitas, y se lo cantÓ a don francisco. ni la lluvia te tuvo mÁs famosos como alejandro sanz,tambiÉn nos acompaÑo en esa cobertera nuestro querido johnmary. quÉ estilo viste esa noche? >> el manager llamÓ al americano, y dijo que vio a una rubia elsa gonzÁlez, y Él no sabÍa, esto es lo mismo, estilo what?, yo lo he calificado con la onda latina, nuestra cosa. empezamos con lucero, eso es lo mejor,que vimos de lucero en la noche,creo que funcionaba para ella. te acuerdas cuando dos montaÑas estÁn separadas y un rÍo pasa por el medio?, es una cosa muy mala, las cosas no pueden estar tan separadas, luego se cambiÓ, y dije, ha vuelto, pero el pelo no funciona. >> no serÁ que tÚ siempre buscas algo malo? >> no, es para que la gente vea, al final la perdimos con el traje de pantalÓn, hubiera funcio
Nov 15, 2013 10:00am PST
next? >> don lemon. have a great weekend, everybody. "cnn newsroom" starts right now. >>> right now, the house is getting ready to decide on a new obama care plan. the republican bill would override the president's fix, but will democrats join the chorus? stay with us on that. . right now president obama gearing up for a critical meeting on his health care fix. he is holding talks with insurance company ceos. the white house briefing getting under way right now. right now, stocks are on the cusp of reaching a key milestone really, the dow is up again today and marching toward 16,000, but is it a sign of a recovering economy or a bubble just waiting to burst? >>> hello, everyone. i'm don lemon. do not adjust your tv sets. wolf will be back with you on monday. we are moments away now from that vote in the house that we have been reporting on here on cnn. the republican-sponsored keep your health plan act. as late as a day ago, it had a lot of democratic support. so i want to bring in dana bash on capitol hill where she has been stationed for the duration of all of this. what could we
Nov 12, 2013 5:00pm EST
tema y necesito que vayan pasando tanto don jesús como doña lidia, son padres y quienes han acudido a la cita que tenía con cosas de la vida, regreso >>en unos minutos vamos a empezar con el caso mientras tanto tenemos en la línea mujer que está en tabasco ha pasado tu papá y tu mamá tal foro de cosas de la vida, ellos accedieron a venir como lo habíamos platicado por que necesitan ayuda, necesitan poner a salvo a tus hijos por supuesto a ti también, que tienes que decir de todo esto que has asegurado que sucedió con tu hija, quien hizo el diagnóstico de tu hija acerca del supuesto abuso sexual que se ha cometido en su contra por parte de tu padre. no es un abuso directamente, es un intento porque mi hija en muchas ocasiones me dijo lo que hizo mi papá, me decía que estaba jugando y una niña de tres años no me va a mentir una niña de tres años no comen tierratoma esta de acuerdo contigo, puede ser que no, puede fantasear, pero también una niña de esa edad y de una edad o un poco más elevada, digamos cinco seis años que me puede ser obligada o puede ser inducida a da
Nov 16, 2013 11:00pm PST
ingresan al juego. >>> nba . >>> ahora. >>> los rodger clin tomposon don dos intentos ,. >>> se enfrentaran el lunes esta vez en iuta. >>> bomba rodriguez llegaba mejor,con un regreso triunfal. >>> leones negros contra nebrija de necatza. >>> en la liga mexicana. >>> goleada a ahonduras, méxico a nueva zelandia. >>> mejor asi sacan conclusiones para el mundial. >>> vamos haber como le va al piojo. >>> a continuación las peliculas en el cine. >>> carolina nos cuenta sobre el cine. >>> veamos. >>> versión cinematografica de una novela. >>> esto es hola holywood. >>> la película tiene lugar en la alemania nazi. ,>>> la niña después de vivir la tragedia de la guerra. >>> encuentra a su amor en las letras. >>> es importane el baile. >>> y nos conto un secreto. >>> aqui loes muestro. >>> me dicen que tienes un secreto de maryoire . >>> le da por gritar cuando no le salen las cosas. >>> estas estrellas si sufren. >>> tranquilo carlos. >>> la próxima semana regresamoa con más- >>>::play station 4 sale a la venta y ya se ha agotado. >>> reportaron algunas fallas tenga cuidado. >>
Nov 29, 2013 3:00am PST
pointing out they have had a record-breaking year because of opening up early yesterday. dorngs don, we did speak with the l.a.p.d. and they are anticipating a lot of people. >>> we are going to talk with bill simon and terry lundgren. >>> good morning. we are following breaking news overnight in missouri. a pipeline explosion rocked the small town of ustonia. officials say there was a rupture at a compressor. an official says there were no fatalities or injuries. the cause is still under investigation. >>> officials promising to investigate an air strike that hit thursday in afghanistan. local officials in helmand province claim a child was killed. this is coming at a sensitive time as washington and kabul tried to determine the future role of u.s. troops in afghanistan. president karzai saying the latest strike shows that the u.s. doesn't care about civilians and that if there are more attacks, he won't sign a security pact. now, to iran, the country is taking the first tangible step it's to abide by the nuclear agreement it reached with the west last weekend. they are inviting inspec
Nov 18, 2013 5:30pm PST
americ homes are mowed down by a battalion of deadly tornadoes. dean reynolds and don dahler have the destruction and stories of survival. >> i had just grabbed my baby out of the crib and we jumped into the bathtub. >> pelley: dr. jon lapook report there is may be a flaw in those new guidelines for cholesterol. a traffic stop ends with police firing at a minivan fillith children. john miller investigates. and bob schieffer with a doctor who treated the wounded president kennedy. why he believes what kennedy was wearing may have cost him his life. >> schieffer: doctor, just tell me what's happened here now. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening, tornadoes this late in the year are rare, but this week before thanksgiving dozens of them tore across the nation's mid-section. preliminary estimates from the government say there were 75 tornadoes yesterday in seven states from tennessee to michigan. at least eight deaths are reported. relatively few considering the number of twisters. accurate forecasts and early warning appare
Nov 8, 2013 4:00am EST
de mecÁnica y para empezar me puede pagar lo que quiera. no mÁs de prueba. ¡ayÚdeme! don chema, es que... quiero cambiar. >>ya que no pudiste convencerla para evitar el nascimento, serÁ mejor que no vea a nadie hasta que nazca la criatura, hasta que se lleven al niÑo. >>¿e isabel? >>serÁ obediente. estamos haciendo por ella mÁs de lo que otros padres hubiesen hecho. >>fernando piensa que nos es justo, que no es correcto tenerla asÍ: encerrada. >>fernando es muy joven. Él harÍa lo mismo con una hija suya. >>ademÁs, es por el bien de isabel, ¿verdad? ella quedarÁ limpia, a salvo de todo. el niÑo estarÁ en buenas manos y nunca le faltarÁ nada. isabel podra volver la convento. >>¡no! ni regresarÁ al convento, ni dejarÁ que se lleven a su hijo, ni se quedarÁ en esta casa, ni soportarÁ una humillaciÓn mÁs. ni obligarÁ a nadie a seguir humillÁndose, ni a actuar con tal falta de generosidad, de humanidad. >>tu padre lo hace... >>¿por mi bienestar? ¡no! lo hace por el suyo. >>¡isabel! >>¡¿vas a pegarme?! ¿tambiÉn tÚ, papÁ? ¡me niego a que se lo lleven! es m
Nov 2, 2013 6:00pm PDT
and mark phillips lead our coverage. was the mayor of america's fourth largest city smoking crack? don dahler takes a closer look at a defiant and rather colorful politician. >> get off the property, partner! ♪ god bless america ♪. >> axelrod: boston stronger it's extraordinary parade that showed the character of a proud city. and we're going to introduce you to one of the toughest, strongest, fastest women on the planet. >> i want to be even better. i want to be even faster. i want to really push this sport. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> axelrod: good evening. i'm jim axelrod with the western paul ciancia now faces federal charges that could lead to the death penalty. ciancia is in critical condition at a hospital in los angeles. this afternoon, the head of the t.s.a. and the widow of officer gerardo hernandez appeared at the airport to remember the first t.s.a. officer ever killed in the line of duty. in los angeles, carter evans begins our coverage. >> reporter: moments ago, federal authorities announced the man who opened fire on t.s.a. officers
Nov 16, 2013 1:30pm PST
." that's 9:00 eastern right here on cnn. i'm don lemon. the cnn newsroom is back live at the top of the hour. in the meantime, here's dr. sanjay gupta. >>> hey there. i'm in london on assignment. and there's a pharmaceutical company here that is trying to turn secretly grown marijuana, weed, into a medicine. >>> also, new guidelines are out on drugs to lower your cholesterol. a lot more people will be prescribed them, up to 70 million people. but for many, there's a better alternative. >>> and a device like this. can it really tell if you just got hit hard enough to have a concussion? >>> but first, as you may know, i travel the world in search of new, sometimes alternative therapies to treat people. the answer is not always pharmaceutical medicines. as i found this year, marijuana can sometimes help when nothing else does. but legally it is so difficult to obtain in many places around the world, including right here in the uk. but you're about to meet jamie, who has done something not previously thought possible, and could offer a glimpse of the future of medical marijuana. >> are
Nov 12, 2013 6:30pm PST
the pleasure to work with jennifer and ken barker in washington and don davis. as well as others from the construction site. and we also had an excellent contractor. that my most significant professional collaboration in the project was with two people don doug last from the fine arts program and cliff low. cliff lows sensitive were structural for me to create the landscape ribbons. don douglas demanded the best quality. the sculptor in this court yard called ribbons is the heart and soul of the building. it's meant to adapt to the moments like this. it can be a place of respite. the sculptor responses to the hierarch of the skrurlt with the ribbons. this major emphasis on the horizon is to compliment the architecture and it is perfect to the historic use. from under no circumstances ribbons the sculptors that you see to the side rise and fall and create pathways of decomposed granite that anchor the space. there's actually an interesting story about the fountains. when arthur brown completed the designs in 1932 the court yard was never completed because of guess what, budget adv
Nov 29, 2013 6:30pm PST
cedimiento don c on ra o la se Áser causa q ue l os diab eti co re cpueren r >>> de la retina principal del ojo >>> para el prÓximo aÑo en br i brasil los hombres enfrenta ca g cargos y 65 mÁs p, la investigÓn apareciÓ y se extendiÓ a 60 p s pai paÍses, la fifa dijo que el ar e arreglo de partidos es como un c cÁncer que debe ser eradradicad. >>>e n medio de fuertes mdedida de seguridad coemnzÓ en el salvador la recolecciÓn del c e cafÉ, me quientras que bandas r quieren robarse los productos vamos con los detalles >>> en esta finca de cafÉ ubi d ubicada en el occidente de el l salvador, los delincuentes no o solo han sauqueado sus granos >>> sino que ademÁs extorsionan a los propietarios. >>> los tienen amenazados, les p ppiden renta. >>>ppor eso la policÍa rural l salvsaadoreÑa ha deslplegado o cientos de efectivos en el paÍs >>> dando seguridad a lo que es los sreÑores que andan cortando especialmente para el plan de g seguridad agropecuaria. >>s> on aalre on cerca de 70 nos que subsisten con lo que cose a cosechan. >>> no ha pasado nada. >>> t1ranquilo. >>
Nov 23, 2013 5:30pm PST
notarangelo. >> and i'm brian hackney. don knapp is in the neighborhood where the firefighters contained the fire. hi don. >> reporter: actually the fire broke out in one of the worst places of all to break out in the city like this with wooden structures side by side. it broke out between two buildings and quickly spread to both of those buildings. the area we're in as you pointed out a trendy area of san francisco. the laurel heights area. we're at locust and sacramento. the 3600 block. let's take a look at the video of the fire when it was raging pretty hot. it burned very fast. hot and very very smoky. firefighters arriving on the scene quickly called a second alarm and then a third alarm. it took about two and a half hours to get it under control. now no one was hurt. but many were quite shaken up. at least three residential areas are on the bottom floor -- are in the building of those two buildings and on the bottom floor is a store in which isabel hutton was working at the time. >> because we stuck -- started to hear voices and fire, fire. so i left. and i see flames but
Nov 10, 2013 6:00pm PST
that 2,000 pound satellite to hit earth. don dahler has the latest. and jeff pegues on the nation's newest college football powerhouse, which is also the country's first university for the deaf. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> jeff: good evening, everyone, i'm jeff glor with a western edition of the broadcast. and every hour with every new image we see the toll seems to get worse. a country of 96 million people hit by a typhoon of enormous power. this is what it looks like in the philippines, with the police chief in tacloban says up to 10,000 are dead. there was understandable chaos there. we noticed this picture of an owner standing outside his store with a gun trying to keep looters away. as american forces head in to help tonight here's what haiyan looks like from space. you can see the enormous area the storm still covers even though its wind speeds are down significantly. we begin with seth doane in beijing. >> hundreds of thousands of filipinos are coming to grips with the devastating impact from haiyan, the storm's heavy winds turned entire nei
Nov 8, 2013 12:00am PST
september 5th to the assessment appeals court number 3. >> i believe don is here. >> i want her to come up and - is she not here? she needs two minutes to come here? so i would like for the general public to understand the fine details of what's between the 3 appeal boards. so if the public don't mind i'd like to religious for one minute until sh until she recess. so you guess recess is over. we're going to continue the meeting so mr. ram would you like to approach the microphone and give a brief summary of the differences >> thank you supervisors. yes dawn duran the applicant for the pelosi board we have 3 different jurisdictions board one has no jurisdiction it can hear any case but primarily they're focused in the downtown financial district. their jurisdiction they have to hear everything over $50 million and all appeals on possessy interest. board two is limited they can't hear anything over $50 million. they hear appeals within the blocks outside of the financial district. they basically have appeals for blocks 877 to 3 seven hundred and anything above that goes to board 3. t
Nov 11, 2013 4:00am PST
european space agency, the satellite disintegrate high into the atmosphere and caused no damage. don dahler has more. >> reporter: the gravity field and steady state ocean explorer was launched in 2009. it ran out of fuel on october 21st and has succumbed to the very thing it was designed to study. gravi gravity. cbs analyst don dyer says -- >> they estimate that the odds of getting hit by a piece of space debris are about one in a trillion. to put that in perspective, your can chances of getting hit by lightning is 1.14 million. it explode into thousands of pieces before crashing into the pacific. in fact, that's where most unmanned spacecraft end up when they lose orbit. in recent years, a russian -- nasa satellite, a russian space probe, and a spice station all landed harmlessly in the ocean. >> every year dozens of objects return to earth in similar fashion, but this one is unique return to earth in similar fashion, but this one is unique as it's a large spacecraft as far as spacecrafts go. they skip along the outer layers of the atmosphere, much like a rock skipping across a pon
Nov 16, 2013 11:00pm PST
they find a mistake in the contract. as don knapp learned, this could be costly for commuters and bark. >> i'm sick of bart striking every time i turn around. >> reporter: after months of negotiations and the accidental deaths of two workers, bart and union reaches an agreement. now a glitch on paid medical leave is about to send the to sides back to the bargaining table. >> as you know, we have never spoken the word strike. it has always come from the district. our members were pushed into astrict july 1 and october 18. we expect to get a deal. we signed an agreement. we have an agreement. >> reporter: bart's board of directors say a review of events leading up to the provision shows it was never the intention to include it in the contract. the board ordered the general manager to go back and reopen negotiations with the unions. >> i believe this has turned what i view as a bad contract and has made it worse. no matter what, now the union has leverage to demand more. so the cost of the contract is inevitably going to go up. >> bart board pet says the board is not comfortable with the
Nov 28, 2013 5:30pm PST
sales with more stores open on thanksgiving than ever before. don dahler on their prospects for a profitable season. astronomers track a visitor from the fartherrest reaches of the solar system. lee cowan on what they hope to learn from a comet. as the administration struggles to meet its own deadline for fixing the obamacare web site, dean reynolds looks at the private exchanges some employers have set up. and max parker has autism, but he and others like him have something special to offer employers as well. >> they just needed a chance. they've got abilities that are quite valuable. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> good evening. scott is off tonight. i'm margaret brennan. happy thanksgiving. it's an especially late thanksgiving this year, the latest in fact the holiday ever falls. that means, the holiday shopping season, starting tomorrow, is the shortest it ever is, just 26 days. so many retailers are trying to make up for lost time by opening for business today. they expect to ring up more than $600 billion in sales this season,
Nov 6, 2013 4:30am EST
right now and see how it's don. >>> toronto mayor rob ford says he's not resigning despite admitting he smoked crack. >> have i tried it? probably in one of my drunken stupors approximately a year ago. >> i think i saw him. it's there. it's there. oh, my gosh. >>> and a mother and father rejoice as their son has his 40-year sentence for murder overturned, but his legal fight is not yet over. captioning funded by cbs >>> this is the "cbs morning news" for wednesday, november 6th, 2013. good morning. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. this morning the post-election day analysis is focusing on the two governor's races that highlighted the voting. governor chris christie led. in virginia the race was more ideological and a cliffhanger. long-time democratic fund-raiser terry mcauliffe was elected in a contest that focused health care and abortion. marlie hall begins our coverage >> reporter: it was a nailbiter in virginia where democrat terry mcauliffe narrowly beat ken cuccinelli. mcauliffe is the former head of the national committee who campaigned against cuccinelli's tea party vo
Nov 23, 2013 6:00pm PST
father after he refused don corleone's request to cast his godson in one of the producer's movies. today, this fake horse's head sold for $8600 and it was only used in rehearsals pain real horse's head was used in the actual shooting of the scene. still ahead, high-tech cars designed to drastically lower your risk of collision. auto show is now under way, and an annual showcase for all the newest ways technology is influencing car design. what not too long ago seemed like extravagant luxury options may soon be showing up on dash boards as standard features. carter evans shows us how the car of the future could be just a few short years away. >> the next level of autonomous technol. >> reporter: it's a major theme at this year's l.a. auto show-- cars with brains. bart herring is with mercedes benz. what can this car do that some of your others may not? >> now with the e and s class we have a car that can steer itself. >> reporter: mercedes uses radar, sonar, and infrared sensors, along with two video cameras, to help the vehicle see the road ahead, enabling the car to react much qu
Nov 18, 2013 11:00am PST
of the city in just about 15 minutes from now. first, i want to send things to don lemon in new york with some of today's other top stories. >> unbelievable, and the sad stories going out of there, thank you. we do have other news. this is just breaking, just in to cnn. he can't seem to stay out of a police station or out of the news. i'm talkinguct george zimmerman. he's been arrested in florida. for the latest, we go to atlanta. what do you know? >> we just heard about this. this happened at around 1:00 this afternoon. the seminole county sheriff's office said they arrested george zimmerman after responding to a disturbance call. we know that zimmerman was transported and booked at a correctional facility in florida. but beyond that, details of the disturbance we don't know. authorities are expected to release the arrest report and the 911 call very soon in this case. hopefully we'll learn more. as you mentioned, this isn't the first time that george zimmerman has made headlines since a jury found him not guilty in the trayvon martin case. of course, we will continue to follow this
Nov 2, 2013 5:30pm PDT
months of negotiations and two crippling strikes. don knapp is at the daly city bart station with details. >> reporter: you may recall during the negotiations when bart introduced the last-minute push for work rule changes, talks stopped. now we have learned that bart got those work rule changes it wanted and the unions got safety rules they wanted. >>> reporter: bart riders were mostly just glad the strike is over and the contracts have been ratified. but there's lingering anger over workers strike that tied up the bay area. >> it was a very difficult situation for a couple of days and a lot of people were pretty heavily inconvenienced, but collective bargaining is important. >> reporter: work and safety rules that nearly torpedoed the talks got renewed attention after two workers were killed, struck by a train on the bart tracks. the deaths may have helped end the strike. >> it's most unfortunate but, yes, there was a lot of light shed on the real safety issues that are going on with bart. >> reporter: she says 88% of seiu's 1400 members approved the contract and says work safet
Nov 8, 2013 12:00pm EST
. >> reporter: good afternoon. s you said, don, the task force is looking at ways to improve safety. it wants to changes to happen as soon as possible. >> just this week three university students have been robbed while walking in the same towson community. one of them a 24-year-old male was viciously stabbed after being assaulted by two suspects. >> now that it's getting darker earlier it's scary walking home from classes. >> the robberies involved one goucher and two towson university students. the most recent happened thursday morning. the student said two suspects pulled up in a tan nissan vehicle and demanded her purse. while no weapon was involved, both of the previous attacks involved knives. >> that's been the problem, these incidents literally are involving students. >> it led councilman david marsh to form a task force. >> i think it will improve. i think the second thing we cano is improve awareness among students. >> towson university advised students to stop distractions and be aware. the last victim describes two of the robbers as thin black males, 5 foot 8, wearing black h
Nov 1, 2013 2:00pm EDT
vestidos apropiados, tenemos a don pedro rivera que le da rienda suelta es sus sentimiento y hablaremos con Él en vivo. es el sentimiento lo que plasma en hermosa canciÓn que le dedica a su hija jenni, vamos a ver la nota con ellos. adelante. >> lo que estÁ en exclusiva en el estudio de grabaciÓn para darnos una prueba del tema lo que sucede con todo el lugar despuÉs de la dedicatoria cerrÓ los ojos y despuÉs de una pausa tomÓ valor para cantar esta canciÓn >> que orgullo, es decir, disfrutar de su cariÑo iban dadoes. recuerdo que estaba entre mis brazos. hoy dÍa tu vida, se celebra con aplausos. son con estas palabras que don pedro le hace un homenaje a su hija, la diva de la banda. >> como madre como hija y como artista. todo un pueblo te canta te a clama y llora. lo que dice la gran seÑora. con estas tristes palabras se despide. >> seÑores aplausos en el estudio que pasÓ. don pedro rivera que es muy linda la letra fabulosa. lo que son muy buenos dÍas. el placer es de nosotros primero que todo, como se llama el tema que le escribes a jenni? >> bueno, el tema lo escribi
Nov 11, 2013 7:00pm EST
. here's don dahler. >> reporter: desperate to track down her family in her hometown of tacloban, jackie duer turned to facebook. that's how she found out what their 78-year-old mother did to save their lives. >> my mother and younger sister were holding on the a refrigerator floating around in muck for 45 minutes. they put the young children inside the refrigerator. >> reporter: they used it as a boat? a refrigerator? >> yes. >> reporter: her family survived but lost everything. she's collecting emergency supplies and raising money. >> we direly need help. this is for real. this is hell. >> reporter: across america people are doing what they can to help. from supplies donated at a car dealership? san bruno, california, to cash donations in the part of jersey city, new jersey, known as little manila. military veterans from l.a. are forming search-and-rescue teams. matt p *eelak is one of the leaders. >> tools, saws, flashlights, sleeping packs, you name it. it these go on our backs. >> reporter: call centers, including this one in philadelphia, are putting family members in touch. but th
Oct 31, 2013 11:00pm PDT
drink out of the creek now and come home and not wake up. >> don blake lives on the reservation. she believes it's only a matter of time before toxic can'ts from the water can make those in her community sick. >> marijuana operations are potentially destroying the landscape. >> they're killing the animals and the forest. and they don't care. >> hiker like rick fleming fear the water issue could affect them, as well because of the proximity of the grow seitz to worthy sources. he's part of the volunteers trail crew, a non-profit dedicated to cleaning up what growers are leaving behind. >> if they're trashing the place and if we can pick it up and get it out, then great. >> it's a green rush. >> a green rush for marijuana instead of gold at a cost to our environment. >> and it doesn't just impact our state. these are our national treasures. these are our national forests and national parks. >> and just this week, senator dianne feinstein urged the environmental protection agency to step in and help fight the environmental damage caused by pot groves in the centralvale. it's not ju
Nov 8, 2013 8:00am EST
wanted to be there, too. was dying for them to write the next season. i saw don cheadle. don, you've got to bring tamara back. said, if i bring her back, i will have to kill her. tavis: i was hoping you were going to come back for another season. i hope they call you. hey, call her. doesn't stop me from asking the question i want to ask. over these 15 years since you did the first "best man come ," has your career gone in the way that you thought it would go? has yours gone the way you wanted it to be 14 years ago when you headed this direction. >> no one has ever asked me that question and i don't think i have thought about it in those terms. my commitment has been to do the things that move me. to understand there are political challenges, to understand that there are things that are so far out of my control. but then i can still aspire to get to where i want to be regardless of if they choose me or not. it took a long time to get to the place where that is a reality. we have to wait to be picked. let me jump in because i am with you now. how do you, or how have you gone about gett
Nov 13, 2013 6:00pm EST
yo algÚn dÍa encuentre un hombre que me quiera tanto como te quiere don eduardo a ti. >> ojalÁ que sÍ. >> al fin, bernardette, eduardo ha podido comparar y ya rectificÓ, le acaba de decir a mi hija que la quiere, como la ha querido siempre, toda su vida, eduardo le refrendÓ su amor a constanza. >> chamacos endemoniados, ignÓralos, adela. si crees tÚ que esto se va a quedar asÍ, lo vas a pagar muy caro, ahorita mismo voy a ir a buscar a la inÚtil esa de la francesa. >> pero era una broma, por favor, no le diga a bernie. >> para que aprendas, eres un escuincle mal educado y ustedes dos tambiÉn ¿eh? los seÑores de la hacienda tienen que conocer la ineptitud de esa mujer, a ver si les quedan ganas de volverse a poner con alberta gÓmez, vÁmonos, adela. >> ¿y ahora? >> nos va a castigar y todo por esto. (risas). >> ¿me das, remedios? estÁ riquÍsima. >> sÍ, muy rica. >> ay, quÉ bueno. >> ¿vinieron a ver a felipÍn? >> vinimos a decirle que le vamos hacer una fiesta sorpresa a la maestra jacinta. >> y va a ser de disfraces. >> yo ya tengo el mÍo. >> yo tambiÉn. >> piÉ
Nov 26, 2013 6:00pm PST
. purse and two cats in the b. both of her beloved pets di. our don ford with wh >>> a man attacked a sap fan woman throwing her purse and two cats -- a man a talked a san francisco woman throwing her two cats into the bay. both of her beloved pets died. our own don ford with what police are saying is coming for the man responsible for such a horrible crime. >> she is a regular who always hangs out on the benches with her two cats. yesterday, here in broad they light, she was attacked. her cats killed in front of hundreds. >> people standing by heard a woman screaming. when they looked out, they saw a man pick up her belongings and throughout in the bay. in with her belongings were a carrier with her two live cats. >> officials say the cat lady tried to jump in the water to save them but was held back. fire, police, animal control all responded to the rescue. engine 35 of the san francisco fire boat were first on scene. >> upon arrival, they launched a small rescue shift from the fire boat and proceeded to conduct a search. >> firefighters searched under fears. from the smaller both, it -
Nov 5, 2013 6:00am EST
hours. don? >>> cold enough you may be reaching for the car heater. here's sharon. >> going -- good morning. i spoke too soon about no problems on the roads. we have two. one an accident in rosedale. just getting word of the one on golden rink. another at 29 at johns hopkins road if you're headed out on any of the major roadways speeds still looking good though overall. 55 as your average on the top and west side. 56 and 55 on 95 southbound. that is a look at the top side at harford road. there was a look at the west side at exit 17. now wjz has the stories people are talking about. here's don. >>> we continue to follow the big breaking news from overnight. the search for a man who opened fire inside a huge mall in new jersey has come to an end. he's been found and has taken his own life. here's jericka duncan with the latest for wjz. >> reporter: swat team members stormed the garden state plaza mall in paramus, new jersey. a gunman opened fire just before closing time. police have identified the suspect as richard shoop of teaneck, new jersey. >> there was no one that was injured i
Nov 16, 2013 3:00pm PST
at 5:00 eastern on cnn. >>> hello, everyone. thank you for joining us, top of the hour. i'm don lemon. a deputy sheriff walks up to a house, sees a child handcuffed to the porch by the ankles and there's a dead chicken around his neck. it happened. two adults, a man and woman are in custody at this hour and what the woman does for a living will surprise you. we are joined with the details on this. we have new video of the scene. what can you tell us about this? >> we have new video of the house, the outside of the house, of live animals, a chained animal and a dead chicken. we don't know if this is the one that was allegedly around this boy's neck. we have that video, folks. here is what we know. they are facing intentional child abuse, inflicting serious injury, false imprisonment and cruelty to animal charges. larson is charged with willful failure to discharge her duty as a public official. listen to this. she is currently employed as a supervisor of the union county department of social service. . this is what authorities found at her house, a dead chicken around the neck of
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